2017 Resolutions

Jennifer S. - New Years Resolutions 2017

As I reflect on 2016 I'm reminded of the changes that have happened. So much tragedy. Icons in music and the arts gone (for better or worse) too soon. My heart aches as I think about the senseless deaths both locally and abroad. Drinking water being tainted and other drinking water at risk of following suit.

Lives lost. Hearts broken.

Yet, in spite of these things there have been triumphs that surprised me and inspired. Thousands of people standing in solidarity at Standing Rock. Peaceful protests against violence (though not always successful) that reminded the world that the struggle was real.

Our world has changed. A shift is occurring. There is an awareness, an awakening that I never thought I'd live to see. This awareness brings me to my resolution for 2017.

For 2017, I make a promise to myself that I will continue to be aware of the shift. That I will be open to change and that I will embrace the change that occurs.

I will not lose hope and I will replace fear with love and forgiveness. Remind myself that this life I live is a journey not a sprint. I will strengthen both my body and my mind so that I can become the person that I see in my heart. 

To forsake anger because anger only bruises my soul. I will accept my imperfections as I strive to become who I want to be. I will embrace my contradiction because it is what challenges me to press on. Imperfection reminds us we are human. 

I will always be chasing the elusive future version of myself and that's ok. Happy New Year!

What are your resolutions?