What does it mean? The same action yet such completely different results and yet…nothing has changed. Same person, same action, yet a different result. A completely different shift in the very perception of reality. I often wondered how that could be possible. It perplexed me because it would seem that given all things equal the results should be the same. How then are they so different?

I write a lot about mindset and thinking. Not all of my work is here on this blog but I do write a lot about the subject. Mostly, because it has had such a profound impact on my life and I feel like I owe it to myself to share it with you.


The way that you choose to see the world. It is the way that you choose to see the world. Recently, I have been learning about habits and while my studies are just beginning I am discovering a lot of interesting things on the subject. There is a level of ownership that gets taken away with the idea of habits. That frustrates me because I like to believe that I am 100% in control of my decisions. However, the science is proven. It is a fact, that we as a people are influenced mainly by the habits that we have developed over the years.

These habits are often formed by a repetition we don’t even know is happening. It is similar to what we know as conditioning. We are trained to behave and act a certain way and sometimes that habit or behavior goes against the person that we want to be and so, when we close our eyes we may see the darkness or we may see the colors. We may become afraid or we may become reinvigorated. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that your life is hopeless and you will never break free from these habits.

What I am saying is that once you have an awareness of what is happening you become empowered to make a change. Let me share with you a story about my dog. My dog is a large breed dog. He is a chewer and he loves to chew everything and get into everything. It was for this reason that we decided while no one was at home we were going to crate him. For a time that worked out. Someone would come home, take him out and he would freely roam the house.

What we didn’t realize is that he had grown tired of the kennel and made a decision (somewhere along the way) that he wasn’t going to stay in the kennel anymore. He was going to break that habit. We brought him to the kennel, he walked in and we left after saying our goodbyes. When we got back he

was out and about as happy as could be after having gotten into his fill of things. Stunned, we thought to ourselves that we must have not latched it properly and the next morning took extra care to fix our mistake. Again, we came home to our happy dog roaming freely. Out of curiosity we brought him to the kennel and put him inside. Within a couple of minutes he was walking out of the kennel. We had been watching from a close distance.

Imagine our shock as he pressed his nose against the latch and worked it right out of the hinge. Once it was loose he just pushed the door open and walked right out.

That was eye-opening on so many levels. My dog wasn’t going to let us decide when he would be in his kennel. He would go in on his own terms and he would leave on his own terms. I have to admit my respect for him grew ten-fold. I was so impressed because I realized that there are so people who spend their entire lives locked in an invisible cage. They make excuses as to why things can’t change. It never occurs to them to slide the latch.


Are you ready to slide the latch?