Walking the Line

Walking the line Sometimes, there are days that feel like they are spiraling out of control. You feel like falling (or at least I do) and hope that by some miracle you can manage to make it through. For most of us, we make it through. By the end of the day, you wipe your brow and let out the breath that you have been holding on all day. Maybe you are like me and your mind is gone. All thoughts brought down to their most basic elements and subjected to the oversight of basic instincts.

Can I breathe? Check.

Can I still make it to my bathroom to take a bath/shower? Check.

Will I be able to make dinner tonight? Check.

As I go through this list of basic needs it calms me and reminds me that everything is going to be ok. I am going to be able to tuck my children in and I am going to be able to snuggle up next to my husband for a movie. Things are good.

Walking the line for me is a continuous reminder that life comes with its own set of challenges but it is how you choose to embrace those challenges that defines the way that you will perceive your day or the way that you will walk that line. The line is invisible. It is a reflection of the expectation that you have set for yourself and the expectation that the world has set for you. It encompasses all that you fear as well as all that you hold to be true. This invisible line that manages to move even though you thought for sure you understood where it was supposed to be. It is an ever changing, ever evolving concept that calls you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. When you find yourself walking this invisible line you are most likely challenging your beliefs or the beliefs of others and you are experiencing conflict.

The line between what you believe to be right and what you want to do may not always be clear. The line sometimes is hard to see until you have already crossed it yet it is always there. It is ever present. It is ever visible and it is always calling you to mind it. Mind the line. Stay on one side of the line. Don’t cross the line. Walking the line is tempting fate or flirting with disaster.

Don’t walk the line.

I walk the line. Every day that I make the decision that I am not going to be what my condition tells me that I should be. Instead, I am going to be who I see myself as. I walk the line. I walk the line when I get angry about the way that things work but I don’t allow that anger to define my actions. I walk the line when I refuse to conform to norms that don’t align with my own moral compass. Did he really say that? I don’t care. He’s not here to defend himself. I walk the line.