Removing Negative Blockers Through Mind Movies

When I first heard about Mind Movies, it was a new thing. The co-founder, Natalie, was charismatic and charming. I was intrigued but skeptical because I didn't see the world through rose-colored glasses if I am honest. She made some bold claims that I wasn't bought in on, but it was affordable, so I went for it.

I purchased the product and created my first video. After I created my first video, I got pretty excited. It turns out; I thoroughly enjoyed creating videos, so I made another and another and another. I'll admit that I was more in love with the idea of creating these visualization videos than in watching them in the beginning.

However, something strange happened. I started to attract money to me. It was small sums at first, but over time, it began to grow. I was watching the videos maybe once a day. I wasn't investing a lot of time watching them, but I was starting to see results.

What I discovered was that similar to subliminal audios, when you change what your eyes are viewing, you change your outlook. Natalie goes into some excellent explanations, so I included a link in case you want to learn more about what mind movies are and how it can help you.

You don't need her program to create mind movies. What you do is find images or take images of what you want and combine those images with positive affirmations. You could even include some audio to your videos if you choose to.

The videos that I had created using the mind movies program had the images and positive affirmations already in their back office. All I had to do was put together a combination that resonated with me. I had chosen the wealth accumulation because I wanted to build something for myself.

I had set this monetary goal that I wanted to achieve and created a list (I'll talk more about 'lists' in another story) that included everything that I wanted from small things to huge goals. It took about seven years to mark everything off of the list.

If you think about it, really think about it, seven years isn't that much time in the grand scheme of things, and some of my goals were pretty big. Imagine how your life would be changed if you were able to reach all of your aspirations, including those big ones in just seven years. Wouldn't that be transformative?

For me, it was life-changing. When I look back on my decision to start using mind movies, I look back on it fondly because my videos can be used today. Of course, I have upgraded my mind movies because my goals have changed, but I still use them in combination with other strategies to keep myself living in a positive vibration.

As an Empath, it is easy to forget to protect me from all of the world's negative. It is easy to become consumed with worry and fear. It is harder to wake up in the morning and watch my movie and watch my movie before I go to bed at night because there is always something. Am I right?

There is always a reason for not being the best version of yourself until you decide that the excuses aren't good enough. Until you decide that you will take the 1-3 minutes twice a day or three times a day to visualize the life that you want to have.

Placing the images in your mind helps you bring in more positive energy, and positive and negative cannot occupy the same space at the same time. What you bring into your life is what you will receive. Whether you create the videos yourself or have them created for you, mind movies are an excellent way to jumpstart your tomorrow.

Next time, I'll share with you about journaling.


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