Removing Negative Blockers Through Subliminal Audios

Negative energy is a nasty piece of business. In my last post, I touched briefly on the subject of visualization. Visualization is just one tool to help you to remove the negative blockers in your life.

Negative energy is a part of the natural order. Positive and negative live in balance so when you are surrounded by large quantities of negative energy, it can become so consuming that you may feel as though you are drowning under the weight of it. During events like these, it becomes challenging for many folks to dig themselves out or swim back up to the surface.

An Empath that understands how to manipulate energy would help you remove the negative blockers. As I mentioned in earlier posts, people have told me how much better they felt when they were around me. That was cool to hear, but it wasn't cool to experience as someone who didn't understand what was happening.

I found myself drowning under the weight of negative energy. It felt as though I would never see the light again. I was shrouded in darkness and hopeless until I met a healer who removed all of those negative blockers and helped me to understand how it all works and what I could do to protect myself better.

Today, I want to walk you through subliminal audios and how they are designed to work. The subliminal audios inherently are not designed to remove negative blockers. They are intended to rewire the brain to receive information differently. In my personal opinion, this method works very well with removing negative blockers because it allows the person to tap into their subconscious mind to start doing the work towards shifting the way they absorb information.

Let me expand on this, so let's say that you are used to thinking that you are fat and ugly, and when you look in the mirror, you see someone who is overweight and ugly. You might even say to yourself, "You disgust me," or "You're fat and ugly and unworthy of love," those statements are pretty hurtful. I bet if someone else said them to you, it would be "game on" but it's you. These are your words pounding into your head and filling your mind with more doubt and more negativity energy.

It builds like a bathtub filling with water, and you sit in this oversized tub unmoving, allowing the water to cascade over you and drown you. The negative thoughts grow, and soon you absorb more and more of it from all around you. You need help.

Subliminal audios work to rewire the brain by flooding it with auditory signals that increase positive vibrations. Think of it as unstopping the tub so that the water can drain. All those negative thoughts drain away, leaving room for positive energy to take its place. You start to have a different internal dialogue that sounds like "You are healthy," or "You are healthy and beautiful," as a result, you start to feel more healthy and beautiful.

We are our worst critics and our biggest enemy. When I was at my lowest, I would tell myself that I was "hideous," and "I should never be seen out in public,". What happened when I did go out in public was I was treated poorly. I didn't realize that I was creating my own unhappiness. The subliminal audios helped me to retrain my mind and when I felt better about myself, people responded more positively to me.

It is true what they say, we are what we think about most of the time. While subliminal audios were not designed to remove negative blockers they do a fantastic job of retraining the way you perceive information and an indirect result is the removal of the negative energy. It's a win-win if you ask me.


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